VIDEO: Rajon Rondo names himself as a top-three player in the NBA


iRajon Rondo believes he’s a top-three player in the NBA.

Okay lets be honest. Most of you clicked on this story to hear Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo embarrass himself by giving a foolish and inaccurate assessment on who the three best players in the NBA today are. We as a society typically enjoy seeing people make a fool out of themselves, partially because it’s entertaining and partially because it makes us feel better about ourselves. 

The video, filmed by prior to the start of the regular season, features Celtics Evan Turner, James Young, Marcus Smart, Marcus Thornton, Brandon Bass and Rondo himself. All of the players are asked who the three best players in the NBA are, and they all spew out the names of LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

But the players answer’s varied greatly when it came to identifying the third best player in the Association. Evan Turner says Paul George before his gruesome knee injury this past summer was a top three baller, and James Young and Marcus Thornton name Kobe Bryant as the league’s third best player. Rookie Marcus Smart contends that the third spot is currently up for grabs.

But the most surprising answer came from four-time all-star Rajon Rondo when he listed himself as the third best player in the NBA at the 1:07 mark in the video.

We heard similar rumblings this past summer from Western Conference shooting guards James Harden and Wesley Matthews, who both didn’t hesitate to boast about their basketball prowess when questioned back in the summer. Harden stated that he was “the best basketball player in the world,” and Matthews declared himself as the “best two-way shooting guard” in the NBA. 

Although their evaluations are erroneous, the confidence of these players must be applauded. Matthews, a very solid two-way guard on a good Portland Trail Blazers team, isn’t close to approaching top-three territory, but Rondo and more-so Harden, have a much stronger argument. Even if Rondo and Harden aren’t in that top-three domain yet, they already have the credence it takes to get there, which is important to have if you plan to be one of the three best basketball players in the entire world.



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