VIDEO: Paul Pierce burns Raptors with two dagger three-pointers


CDcdY75WoAEFUhTYes Paul, we all know why you are here.

The days of Paul Pierce’s illustrious career are winding down, so he’s fully relishing in the final moments he has left as an NBAer. In last year’s NBA Playoffs, Pierce crushed the hearts of Toronto Raptors fans in Game 1 of their series with the Brooklyn Nets as he connected on a clutch jumper and proceeded to belt out “That’s why they got me here!” Brooklyn would go on to win that series in seven games before being eliminated by the Miami Heat in the semifinals.

A year removed from his disappointing experience in Brooklyn, and Pierce is doing the same thing to Toronto, except this time he’s rocking a Washington Wizards uniform.

During Game 3 of Washington’s first round matchup with Toronto, the Wiz Kids were in desperate need of a bucket as they looked to withstand a run from a hopeless Raptors team. Pierce, who has been one of the league’s premier crunch-time performers during his time in the Association, stepped up to the plate twice for the Wizards and hit a home-run both times. Pierce connected on two dagger three-pointers including flat-footed heave with 16.3 seconds that ultimately put Washington in the winners-circle.

Just as he has done so many times in his career, Pierce stepped up when his team needed hm most. He’s been a great veteran for presence this season for guys such as John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter in addition to being very productive on the court.

Pierce and the Wizards hope to knock-off the Raptors in Game 4 on Sunday, and look to continue a run deep into the postseason. 


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