VIDEO: Joakim Noah tries to scare Terrence Ross from the bench


iSitting on the bench didn’t stop Joakim Noah from playing defense. 

The Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah is one of the most relentless defenders in the NBA. His tenacity and ferociousness on the defensive end leaves opponents vexed, as he’ll scratch, claw, push and apparently scream to fluster offensive players. The results have been pretty favorable for Noah, as he was named the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year last season.

Last night during Chicago’s 129-120 win over the Toronto Raptors, Noah tried to prevent Raptors guard Terrence Ross from making a three-pointer by scaring him with a shout from the bench. Check out Noah’s newest defensive tactic below:

Chicago used a 49-point fourth quarter to best the Raptors, led by point guard Derrick Rose who scored 15 points in the period. 



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