Report: Pacers Players Don't Want Stephenson


According to James Herbert of CBS Sports, Lance Stephenson’s former teammates are opposed to bringing him back.


Lance Stephenson was on the trading block for a little while, but then taken off after Charlotte wasn’t happy with any of the offers for him. It seems that his clash with his new teammates could be a reflection of how his old teammates feel as well. ESPN’s Marc Stein had this to say about his Indiana teammates:

Ever since last postseason, Stephenson has become known for his antics on the court rather than just his developing game. Stephenson had the best season of his career last year, which provided him with the payday that Charlotte offered. When Charlotte faced off against the Pacers, Stephenson took Hill and Hibbert to dinner and also went to a college basketball game with Paul George. These guys will obviously have to rally around the team if the Pacers’ front office decides to bring Stephenson back, but as of right now the Pacers players aren’t pushing any decisions. 

Charlotte has gotten off to a pitiful 9-19 start when a lot of people said they were going to be contesting for a top spot in the East. Charlotte and Stephenson aren’t getting along and now no one really wants him unless they can get him for virtually nothing. Michael Jordan and the Hornets are going to have to find a way to make these players come together, or they could miss the playoffs after spending a whole lot of money. 




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