VIDEO: First career baskets of 50 NBA superstars


With each new NBA season comes an influx of fresh, young, and exciting rookie talent looking to make a name for themselves in the Association. Some will succeed in this venture, becoming canonized in the world of basketball, while others may struggle to get acclimated to the rigors of the NBA.

Whatever the case may be, a rookie, and for that matter all NBA players, will always be able to recall when and against whom their first basket took place. In that moment, the countless hours spent in the park and or driveway reenacting NBA scenarios come to fruition, and no matter how their career transpires, it’s a memory they’ll forever cling to.

So to take a trip down memory lane, the good folks over at the NBA’s YouTube channel compiled a very cool video of the first career basket’s of 50 superstars ranging from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Anthony Davis, and it’s a must watch. Make sure you check it out, and comment below with which one you remember the most.



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