VIDEO: 2004 ECSF Game 5- Detroit Pistons vs NJ Nets (Chauncey Billups 31pts vs Richard Jefferson 31pts)



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Allow me to set the scene for you if you don’t remember the series. Both teams were coming into a pivotal game 5 while the series was split 2-2. Detroit was in the driver’s seat since the game was in Auburn Hills, but the Nets were determined to give them a game. Chauncey Billups was in the midst of his Finals MVP postseason, and Richard Jefferson and Kerry Kittles were ready to silence the Piston faithful.

The entire game was neck and neck. Jason Kidd missed two free throws with about 12 seconds left in the game and Billups took the ball down the floor and even got a great look at game-tying layup. Richard Jefferson had another plan though:

After that ridiculous hustle play by Jefferson, the Nets only made 1 of the next 2 free throws which gave Chauncey Billups just enough time. Billups not only had a great overall game stat wise (31pts, 8ast, 10reb), but he also hit an amazing shot that, at the time, saved the game for the Pistons. You may have heard his nickname before, well he lived up to it on this day. Mr. Big Shot was in full force, but he came up just short in overtime.

On the other side of the ball, Kerry Kittles was having himself a game that wasn’t too shabby. Not many people remember Kittles, but Nets fans will always have fond memories of the shooting guard from Villanova. This night in 2004, he was knocking down some three balls and he had the second best defensive rating of the starting five. He gave the Nets a double-double to compliment Jefferson’s tremendous game and the Nets ended up grabbing the win in double OT.

Nets Box Score:

Stats via basketball-reference
Stats via basketball-reference

Pistons Box Score:

Stats via basketball-reference
Stats via basketball-reference




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