“Uphill Battle” Series to Debut in Fall 2019 With Division III All-American Jason Bady

Uphill Battle

“Uphill Battle”, a new interview series highlighting unique stories of development and progress, has been announced by Basketball Society.

The series will focus on highlighting individuals who are examples of fighting for what you feel you deserve. These people represent what it means, in the many aspects of the basketball world, to embrace the challenge of developing yourself into something more.

Jason Bady is not a 1,000-point scorer at his alma mater of Henderson High School in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He attended and played at York College where he averaged close to three points per game his freshman year.

His senior year he was named a Division III All-American and CAC Player of the Year.

Bady, who recently returned from China in pursuit of an overseas contract, will be the debut feature of “Uphill Battle”, expected to release this fall.

Watch a clip from the interview below.



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