Cognitive Neuroscientist Shares Benefits of Mindfulness For The Brain on Soul Talk


Embracing mindfulness is something that Dr. Mark Ashton Smith has looked at from how it can impact the brain.

Talking and learning about the mind is what Dr. Smith does for a living. He earned a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from the Center for The Neutral Processes of Cognition in Pittsburgh. His website,, provides apps, courses, and coaching for IQ, attention, and cognitive resilience.

Dr. Smith has studied and seen the effects of mindfulness practices on athletes and people in general. He talks about his work and observations on this episode of Soul Talk: Tapping Into The Zone.

When you start to be more mindful, it opens up a whole range of possibilities that you might not have been aware of. You start actually exploring and pushing the boundaries much more effectively…

Tap in below to hear from Dr. Smith about cognitive bandwidth, sensory discrimination, circadian rhythms, and much more.

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