Top Point Guards in the 2017 NBA Draft – April Edition

2017 NBA Draft
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Today, we start off with looking at who the top point guards are in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft. This is a point guard heavy draft and the ones we name below will all fall in the top 10 with much certainty.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 point guards in the 2017 NBA Draft:

1. Markelle Fultz Washington

Markelle Fultz is the best player in the draft. Everyone has a right to their own opinion on who is the best, but if you just watch how Fultz plays the game, it’d be hard to refute my claim.

Let’s take this one play for instance:

Just watch how he moves. If you were just watching Fultz for the first time, you’d think he wasn’t even trying. That’s what makes him so special. Markelle has that fluidity to his game that makes it SEEM like he’s not trying. He plays with the gracefulness of an elite player in the NBA.

People are worried about Fultz because of how poor his team performed this past year in the Pac 12 conference. Washington was a horrible team, no doubt about it, but Fultz still proved that he was one of the best prospects game after game. Here’s a stat that should make you feel better about Fultz:

Not many guards are able to handle the heavy load on a team that isn’t too great when they are that young. Stephen Curry was even a sophomore and had a year to learn. Fultz was a freshman when he put up these numbers. There’s still so much from Markelle Fultz that we have yet to see.

2. Lonzo Ball UCLA

Lonzo Ball is the most talked about player coming into this draft. Lonzo’s dad is talking a big game for him and we need to see if his son can back it up. Lonzo certainly backed it up in college.

Lonzo Ball is such a versatile ball player. He can control the offense or spot up on the wing to be a jump shooter. Ball is a solid rebounder for his size and is very good at finding the open man when driving to the hole. He really does it all for your team.

There are some concerns with his shot and how he finishes around the rim. As we’ve said before though, the form does not matter as much as long as you can hit the shot. And Lonzo Ball has proved time and time again that he can make the shot.

Lonzo Ball is a one of a kind talent in this draft. I believe he’s a bit more mature of a ball player than Fultz, but doesn’t offer nearly as much potential as him. Lonzo will need to bulk up a good amount this off-season to be able to deal with the physicality that comes with being in the NBA.

3. De’Aaron Fox Kentucky

Maaaaan, I’m a huge fan of De’Aaron Fox. I actually considered slotting him ahead of Lonzo Ball on this list because of the tournament he had, but I thought not to overreact quite just yet.

De’Aaron Fox is a spectacular teammate. After the tournament, he and Bam Adebayo were weeping not only because of the loss Kentucky took, but also because of the fact that they would no longer be playing together.

Fox has all of the tools to be an elite point guard at the next level. He has great handles, can shoot the ball, reads passing lanes well, and can make TOUGH shots.

De’Aaron Fox is a supremely talented player who will make one team in this draft very happy. Fox would’ve most likely been the best point guard in any other draft class, but because of the quantity of supreme talent at that position we have this year, De’Aaron Fox comes in as the 3rd best point guard in this draft as of now.


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