TNT Analyst Craig Sager Given 3-6 Months To Live


Longtime sideline reporter Craig Sager’s Leukemia is no longer in remission and according to his doctor, he has been given less than half a year to live.

“America’s Sideline Reporter” Craig Sager told HBO today that his Leukemia is no longer in remission and that his doctor has given him 3-6 months to live.

Sager is arguably one of the most well known and respected sideline reporters in sports history. Be it his interview with Hank Aaron after his historic 715th career home run or his incredibly horrific suits, Sager has become a staple of American sports since his career began in 1972.

He has touched no sport more, however, than basketball. For 17 seasons, he’s been the main sideline reporter for TNT’s Thursday night slate of games, as well as working the NBA Playoffs and NCAA Tournament. His interactions with players like Kevin Garnett and coaches such as Gregg Popovich have given viewers plenty of entertainment over the years, becoming a tradition before and after halftime and fourth quarters.

Sadly, Sager’s battle with cancer has taken him off the sidelines for much of the last two seasons. While he’s been working consistently for most of this year, this will likely take him off the sideline for the remainder of this season, as well as the playoffs.

Sager’s battle with cancer has been well documented, causing him to miss much of the last two NBA seasons. Unsurprisingly, the basketball and sports world sent their well-wishes to Sager and his family after the news dropped today.

We here at Basketball Society would like to extend our prayers and well wishes to the entire Sager family as they continue Craig’s battle with cancer. Cancer sucks. It really, really sucks. Here’s hoping that Craig can beat this disease once again and get back on the sidelines sometime soon.




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