Chandler Parsons out for remainder of season

Chandler Parsons

The Dallas Mavericks and Chandler Parsons are taking a hit yet again due to another injury issue. Parsons, averaging 13.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.8 assists, will have to undergo surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

Via Eddie Sefko from SportsDay:

Chandler Parsons probably needs arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, a procedure that would force him to miss the remainder of the season, a source said.

The Mavericks’ forward has been diagnosed with a meniscus tear that needs to be surgically corrected. He is expected to get a second opinion, but assuming the procedure is needed, it will mean both of Parsons’ first two seasons in Dallas ended prematurely with right knee problems.

The one bit of good news in this whole story is that it doesn’t seem related to the microfracture surgery that Parsons had to fix some cartilage problems. Also, many players have been able to come back from a meniscus tear as compared to say an ACL tear.

Either way, this comes at a very bad time for the Dallas Mavericks. Since the end of January, the Mavericks have barely been staying afloat at a 7-12 record, and that was while Parsons was enjoying a bit of a hot streak. Now that Parsons isn’t in the picture, the Mavs have to try to find some sort of lineup to replace him. They have gone with three-guard lineups, and there is the rookie Justin Anderson who can help out too. However, this setback leaves the Mavs very thin in the small forward spot.

Another thing to think about is free agency. Parsons was believed to be ready to turn down his player’s option for next season even though it was worth $16 million. This injury may force him to think about that decision again, because some teams might not be willing to pay him as much anymore if an injury prone label is slapped on his name.


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