The Passing Game, Vol. 15: Pau/Rose, Love-Kyrie-LeBron


Welcome to The Passing Game, where we simply take the time to glorify the dimes being thrown all around us.

Two excellent passing sequences in the NBA last night. 

First up — a give and go between Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol.

Gasol’s delivery back to Rose is what makes this a highlight, but it’s a classic give and go. I credit Rose for bailing on what would have been an awful shot and hitting Pau mid-air, and then sticking with the play, knowing Pau would hit him right back. 

The Cavs Big 3 show one of their best qualities as a trio in this sequence. Kevin Love saves the ball under their basket with a bounce pass to Kyrie, who hits a diving LeBron with an over-the-head pass, and LeBron hits a relocating Love for a corner three. 


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