The Importance of the Hop Step

LeBron James performing a hop step in the 2013 NBA Finals.

The hop step was the euro step of 2004, meaning how popular the euro step has become, the hop step trended the same way. Kids were practicing it at every park and every gym trying to be the first to use it amongst their friends. A move that has been around for awhile, some also call it a pro hop or a jump stop, made its wave throughout the world in a more creative way.


The move became really popular when NBA Live 2004 added it to their realm of moves along with the new control layout that included freestyle dribbling. A big improvement towards trying to make the game more realistic, gamers enjoyed the new additions. Although personally, I remember the hop step giving the offensive player way too much of an advantage because it made it way too easy to score in that game.

The hop step is a lethal move if used correctly. It’s mainly used when trying to split two defenders on the way to the basket or in other instances just to gain a base for liftoff when driving. What makes it a great move is the options you have once the move is performed. You can either hop step and go straight up or when you feel that defender on your hip, you can hop step, pump fake and get the defender in the air and step through to go up to the basket.

The move has gained some controversy in past years because many players started doing it wrong. When executing the move, it’s a must that you land on two feet simultaneously or else it is deemed a travel. Due to so much confusion when it’s considered a travel and when it’s not, NBA Head of Referees Joe Borgia gave his insight on when this movie is a violation.

Many guys in the league have adopted this move today and we see it from players like LeBron James and Derrick Rose. However, Jamaal Crawford may be one of the craftiest at the move as he puts the ball behind his back making his defender look silly. We all know he’s a wizard with the ball but when he’s coming at you full speed and hits you with his “shake and bake”, there is nothing you can do. The hop step really puts the offensive player in a great position to score and it’s a move that all players looking to be a top scorer should master.


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