Russell Westbrook To Have 16th Technical Foul Rescinded



On a career night where he scored 54 points, Russell Westbrook could have ruined his teams playoff chances with his 16th technical foul of the season. This technical foul would’ve cost Westbrook to take on a one-game suspension, but the NBA has since rescinded.

Westbrook received the technical when trying to fight through a screen given by a Indiana Pacers player. When asked about the 16th technical of his season Westbrook said,

“”I ain’t got no view on it. He called it, and we’ll move on from it.”

Along with all of this, Westbrooks 54 points gets lost in the havoc. Those 54 points came on a lofty 43 shots by the star out of UCLA.

“I don’t really give a damn what nobody thinks, to tell you the truth, man,” Westbrook said of the 43 shots. “I really don’t care. Every night I go out and compete harder than anybody else in this league, and I’m proud of coming out and my teammates don’t have problem with it. I’m good with that.”

The New Orleans Pelicans face Minnesota and San Antonio to finish out the season, while the Thunder have Portland and Minnesota to finish out the season. If the Pelicans can win out, it may be just enough to secure the final seed. It may ultimately come down to a tie-breaker as both teams have a similar caliber of games left


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