Russell Westbrook returns for the Thunder while Durant remains out


One of the two superstars for the Thunder has returned. Russell Westbrook will return tonight for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder have struggled recently without their two superstars and are 4-12 going into their game tonight with the New York Knicks.

While it is good news for the Thunder that Westbrook will be returning tonight, the Thunder have reported that Durant will remain out. It was reported earlier that Durant might make a return today, but obviously the Thunder want to be a bit more cautious before bringing their MVP back.

Russell Westbrook’s return will most likely mean a return to the bench for Reggie Jackson. Jackson had played very well for the Thunder fighting to hold them afloat while the two stars of the team were hurt. Westbrook’s return and Durant’s impending return means that the Western Conference will have one more elite team fighting for a playoff spot as the Thunder will be climbing the standings shortly.



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