Report: Lakers Trying To Shop Nash's Expiring Contract


As reported by Marc Stein of ESPN, the Lakers are looking for potential suitors for Steve Nash’s expiring contract.


In the wake of the recent news of receiving a disabled player exception for Julius Randle, the Lakers are now also looking to trade away the expiring contract of Steve Nash as per Marc Stein.

As reported last month when Nash was ruled out for the 2014-15 season because of recurring nerve issues with his back, Lakers officials are planning to explore the trade market for potential deals between now and the February trade deadline with Nash’s $9.7 million expiring contract

Good luck with that Los Angeles. Expiring contracts don’t hold the same value that they used to, which means that no one is going to want to take on this contract without a little more incentive. Teams are going to want a pick or two or maybe even some players to go with the contract for almost nothing in return. This Lakers team needs to rebuild, so they can’t afford to be dealing away their draft picks. However, they could deal away some pieces they have and go with the Sam Hinkie plan of putting minimal talent on the floor. Jordan Hill is an enticing trade piece to a lot of teams, and they also have some guys who could prove to be some good role players on a contending team.

When the trade deadline comes and goes, we’ll most likely see Nash’s contract staying in LA. The better mystery before the trade deadline is whether we will see Kobe’s contract still in LA or not.




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