Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 13 – NBA Finals Drama


In this episode of Pump Fake to the Altar, your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss all things NBA Finals. After 2 games, all seems to be well in The Bay. The Warriors snuck out of Game 1 with a victory, and Stephen Curry closed the deal in Game 2. Should the Warriors continue to focus on getting Curry going? Or should they rely on Kevin Durant to continue to exploit mismatches? Can the Cavaliers bounce back and defend home court?

Things look bleak for the Cavs, from the J.R. Smith blunder to the role players missing open shots. However, they have at least found themselves in striking distance in the 4th quarter of both games. If they have any hope, it’s that the role players will hopefully shoot a higher percentage at home. The will also have to force Golden State out of their rhythm offense similar to Game 1.

The NBA season will soon end and the fellas will delve deep into their wedding planning. Food tasting, vendor visits, guest list finalization and contract signings are underway!

As always, enjoy this installment of the podcast and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud!


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