Could this be Stephen Curry’s year for Finals MVP?

Stephen Curry

The rise of Stephen Curry has been something to watch over the past few years. With two championships and the possibility of winning his third, the one strife against his career in some eyes is the lack of winning a Finals MVP award. With the way he’s played in the playoffs and his performances in the first two games of the Finals, he may be well on his way to his first Bill Russell trophy.

When asked about it, Curry shrugs it off as if he doesn’t care but as a competitor you know it has to be in the back of his mind. Check out his words below (fast forward to the 1:28 mark)!

With that being said, the numbers are highly favored in his direction. Curry is averaging 31 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 8.5 assists shooting 45% from the field and 50% from three. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that. Not to mention he broke the single-game Finals three-point record in Game 2 which was held by the legend Ray Allen.

Outside of the numbers, the big thing in this postseason and even the Finals is that we truly see his impact on this team. Many thought with Kevin Durant being there that he’s the focal guy but that’s not true at all. The Golden State Warriors go as Curry goes.

When he’s on the floor, the movement and the fluidity is at an all-time high. They’re like a completely new team when he’s on the floor. Curry demands attention at all times and with that, he opens the floor up for everyone else. With and without the ball he creates opportunities for others and he puts them in positions to be effective. He pushes the pace, he gets the switches that he wants and picks them apart and he let’s not forget he makes some remarkable shots. When he’s hitting step-back threes and shots from near half-court then there’s really not much you can do to stop him.

What I love most is the moving without the ball. A montage of this series alone can be shown on Curry moving without the ball and put on display for young basketball students to learn. He’s also proven that he’s more than just a shooter. Against Houston specifically, they took the three ball away from him early but he didn’t settle. Curry created the angles he wanted and made his way to the basket time and time again.

We saw the iso-ball Warriors heavily led by Durant and it almost costed them. It’s great to have a guy like Durant, especially in late game situations when you really need a bucket. However, the Warriors are at their best when Curry is leading the pack and Durant is getting his within the flow of the offense. The numbers speak for itself but the impact and how the team flows with Curry on the floor is the more telling story. If the two-time MVP can continue this type of play and the Warriors eventually win the title then it’s pretty much inevitable that the Bill Russell award will end up in his hands.


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