Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 9 – Injury Bug

Pump Fake To The Altar NBA

In this installment of the Pump Fake to the Altar podcast, your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen seem excited about the upcoming NBA playoffs. The Houston Rockets seem like a legit threat against the reigning champion Golden State Warriors. The Warriors main concern at the moment is the health of Stephen Curry. Without him near 100%, it will be difficult to come out the West, let alone win it all.

More injury concerns stew in the East, with the second-seeded Boston Celtics nursing a hobbled Kyrie Irving. There have been many skeptics on how far the Celtics could actually go this postseason, and their chances of going deep have just gotten worse. The Celtics will likely face the Wizards, Bucks or Heat, all of whom can give them trouble with that stagnant offense.

The fellas give more insight into their wedding planning including getting their tuxedos, sending out invites and marriage preparation classes. We are now 8 months away from November and crunch time is slowly approaching. Tune in to find out all the details and much more!

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