My revelation about this NBA season

James Harden vs DeMar DeRozan NBA

As I was on my way to work this morning I had a revelation about the current state of the NBA. I looked at the top two seeds and thought, “Boy who would’ve seen this coming?

There was so much talk about how this season was going to be a throw away because the NBA Finals was already written. Everyone including myself already wrote the Golden State Warriors as a champion and pretty much made declared this season not worth watching.

Looking at the year now, it’s funny how wrong everyone was. Who would’ve guessed that the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets would lead their respective conferences? No one saw the Cleveland Cavaliers struggling this much and going through a complete roster change midway through the season, especially after everyone assumed how great they were after their offseason pickups. To top it all off, the Golden State Warriors facing struggles and injuries so close to the playoffs have taken everyone by surprise.

The Larry O’Brien Trophy is well for the taking and it is anyone’s game. The narrative that led the NBA coming into this season has been flushed down the toilet. Toronto is a serious threat but you also can not sleep on the Boston Celtics either. Out West, Houston is the real deal and you never know what the Spurs have up their sleeves.

With the playoffs up in the air, there’s so much excitement surrounding the league. While I still believe that the Warriors will ultimately repeat, the certainty of that is far less than what a lot of fans thought it would be. This is why my dad always taught me “never put the cart before the horse.” With the season being so long, you never know what could happen and this season is a testament to that.


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