NBA Uniform Rankings: 5-1


Welcome everyone to my final part in the NBA uniform rankings. As per usual, not only did I account for the home and away uniform, but also the teams alternate uniforms that they are wearing this season. In case you missed any of them, here is a quick recap of teams 30-6

Now here are the top five teams with the best uniform sets in my opinion.

5. Golden State Warriors (six different sets)

(Photo by: Slam Online)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Getty Images)
  • Away (blue)
(Photo by: Warriors website)
  • Alternate (black)
(Photo by: Warriors Twitter)
  • Crossover (blue “Run-TMC” era)
(Photo by: Ezra Shaw, Getty Images)
  • Hardwood classic (yellow “The City”)
(Photo by: NBA Store)
  • Chinese New Year (white sleeved)

Golden State is one of the best teams in the league and they look good while doing it. The main commonality for majority of the uniforms is the giant circle on the front with the Golden Gate Bridge inside of the circle. The home and away uniform have nice gold outlines on the side. The alternate black uniform debuted a few years back and while black is not one of the official team colors, it is still a nice change of pace jersey to wear and I like how it does not have the team name on the front, just the circle with the bridge and number inside.

This season, the Warriors debuted a “Crossover” uniform inspired by the “Run TMC” era Warriors (Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin) of the early 90’s and features the same lettering worn by the team then, mixed with the color schemethe jerseys the team wears on the road now. The diagonal lettering was used on the Crossover alternate uniforms from 1988 to 1997. The hardwood classic “The City” uniforms are inspired by the 1966-67 San Francisco team. My favorite part about these is the back of the uniform, where the name and number are inside of a trolley car, a well known mode of transportation in San Fran. Last year the team debuted Chinese New Year uniform in black and this year the team decided to switch it up to white. I prefer the white as it looks more sleek and the red down the stripe make them unique. Overall, Golden States uniform have a good combination of regular uniforms and some nice hardwood classics.

4. Portland Trail Blazers (four different sets)

(Photo by: Cameron Browne/NBAE Via Getty Images)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
  • Away (black)
(Photo by: Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Alternate (red)
(Photo by: Cameron Browne/NBAE Via Getty Images)
  • Pride (white “RIP City”)

Portland’s three main uniforms have all the same design with a diagonal stripe down underneath the team name with the number under that. The home and away have always had the same concept for a few years and it is one of the more classic uniforms in the league. The red alternate was re-designed a few years and I am a fan of these more, especially with the teams logo on the front collar. The “RIP City” pride jerseys are personally one of my favorites. Rip City is Portlands nickname which features no stripes on the front with the logo on the collar. These use to be sleeveless but sleeves were added recently. The white sleeves on these actually look nice, giving the Blazers a nice set of uniforms.

3. Chicago Bulls (six different sets)

  • Home (white)
  • Away (red)
  • Alternate (black sleeved)
(Photo by: NBA Store)
  • Latin Nights (black Los Bulls)
(Photo by: Kamil Krzaczynski, USA Today Sports)
  • Pride (grey sleeved)

The Bulls home and away jerseys are iconic. Whenever I see the white or red I think of Michael Jordan’s tenure with the team, so it has a lot of history. The black alternate recently added sleeves and they are different with the V-neck collar and the “Chicago” wording on the front.

Chicago also has a few special edition uniforms. The team has always been involved with Latin Nights and last year they brought in a black sleeves jersey with “Los Bulls” on the front of it. On the back it features a different design, symbolizing hispanic heritage. The Bulls brought in new grey sleeved uniforms last year. Grey is one of the teams official colors, but they mesh well with the red Chicago outline. With a combination of the historic home and away uniform, with the new era uniforms they have, Chicago has a nice set of uniforms.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (seven different sets)

  • Home (white)
  • Away (red)
  • Alternate (blue)
  • 2nd Alternate (yellow)

  • Stretch (red)

  • Pride (black sleeved)

  • Hardwood Classic (orange)

The Cavaliers have the most jersey sets in their current rotation in the league right now. The classic home white and red away have a good combination of the old school Cavaliers teams with a current twist in it. The alternate navy blue sets are nice with the official team colors on the collars. Their second alternate yellow uniforms are bright yellow with the red “Cavs” wording on the front. I like having the short team name on the front for different variety.

For the stretch jersey, The Popular “Cavs” features a “V” basket with a net and ball The jersey and shorts both feature wine and gold trim. This is an updated “CavFantic” jersey worn from 2009-2010. The black pride jersey features a giant “C” with the number on the top left. It the first sleeved jersey in team history and it looks pretty nice and adds variety to the lineup. The Cavs added a new  bright-orange uniforms this season much like what the team wore  in the mid-1980s. Cleveland has always had many different uniforms in team history and each one goes well with the other.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (five different sets)

(Photo by: Getty Images)
  • Home (yellow)
(Photo by: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Away (purple)
(Photo by: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)
  • Alternate (white)
(Photo by: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports)
  • Pride “Hollywood Nights” (black sleeved)
(Photo by: Lakers website)
  • Hardwood Classic (yellow)

Finally, the Lakers. You really can’t beat the purple and yellow. These colors have been the staple to the franchise for so many years it is not hard to argue their place on this list. The Lakers are the only team in the NBA to have a non-white home uniform. However, the team introduced a white alternate uniform and those look sharp much like the other uniforms the team wears.

In 2013, the team unveiled a “Hollywood Nights” black uniform and added sleeves in 2014. The black with gold trim also make these uniform sharp and show a new era in Los Angeles. This year, the team also added a hardwood classic uniform to honor the 30th anniversary Lakers 1986-87 championship squad. They are modeled Modeled after the Showtime era, the team that went 65-17, which is the second-best regular season record in franchise history.

So their you have it, my current uniform rankings for all 30 teams in the NBA. Do you agree with my list? Let us know and see what you think!


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