NBA Uniform Rankings: 15-11


Hello all and welcome back to my continued rankings on each NBA’s uniform sets. Last time I ranked teams 20-16 and today I continue with teams 15 thru 11.

15. Milwaukee Bucks (Three different sets)

(Photo by: Bucks official Twitter)
  • Home (white)
  • Away (green)
  • Alternate (black)

Milwaukee went through a complete overhaul a season ago and it has received many positive reviews. The new logo is sharp as well as each of the three different jerseys. The letterings in both the home and away jersey match well with each of the color schemes. My favorite of the bunch is the black alternate with the large deer logo covering the front of the jersey. Another thing to notice is the blue stripe on each of the jerseys, which represents the blue-collar style of the city the team represents. It is a nice way to show appreciation to your fans. We have seen a few teams go with an entire new look and in my opnion Milwaukee has done the best with it so far.

14. Detroit Pistons (Four different sets)

(Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Away (blue)
(Photo by: Allen Einstein (NBAE/Getty))
  • Alternate (chrome)
(Photo by: B. Sevald/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Motor City (blue sleeved)

The Pistons have had the same color combinations for quite some time now, excluding the teal, black and yellow era in a short span. I have always liked the Pistons home and away uniforms. Simple, yet the red, white and blue meshed well together. The team used to have an all-red alternate, but that uniform was quietly scrapped and replaced with a silver “chrome” style jersey. The jersey is a representation of cars that have been produced in the auto capitol of the world, hence the chrome style jersey. The Motor City sleeved jersey is one of my favorites. This is one of the few sleeved jerseys that I like and the navy blue with the red sides coordinate well.

13. Brooklyn Nets (Six different sets)

(Photo by: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Away (black)
(Photo by: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Alternate #1″Brooklyn Blue Night” (grey-blue sleeved)
(Photo by: Brooklyn Nets Website)
  • Alternate #2 “Remix” (black)
(Photo by: AP photo)
  • Latin Nights (Los Nets black)
(Photo by: USA TODAY Sports)
  • Pride (white sleeved)

Brooklyn might not be a good team, but at least they look good. I am a fan of the simple black and white color combination. In 2013, the team released their “Brooklyn Blue Night” jersey to honor the last Brooklyn professional sports team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. While they may be sleeved, I like the background story for the jerseys. The Nets most recent new uniform is their “Remix” jersey and are worn for different games this season. The design comes from the 1984-1990 design mixed in with todays uniform and colors, which is another cool concept. The Latin Nights jersey is basically the home uniform with the wording “Los Nets” on the front and the pride jersey is another concept from the old Nets days combined with the current colors. Overall, all of Brooklyn’s uniforms are simple and clean.

12. New York Knicks (Three different sets)

(Photo by: USATSI)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Alex Brandon/AP)
  • Away (blue)

  • Hardwood Classics (white)

The New York Knicks have stuck with the same colors and uniform design for a while now. The home and away uniforms are a classic to any New York sports fan. The orange, blue and white have defined the Knicks since 1946. This year the team added a alternate throwback jersey in honor of the teams 70th anniversary.

While I like the Knicks uniforms because of the classiness it has held over the years,  it would be nice to see some variety. Yes the teams attempt with the all-orange alternate was a fail but it showed some potential to bring different variations to the Knicks uniform. Maybe a city pride one, latin nights or even something sleeved.

11. Miami Heat (Seven different sets)

  • Home (white)
  • Away (black)
  • Alternate (red)
(Photo by:
  • Home Strong (brown “troops”)
(Photo by: Miami Heat Website)
  • White Tie (white)
(Photo by: Miami Heat Website)
  • Legacy (white)
(Photo by: Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Latin Nights (“El Heat” red)

Miami is a young franchise, but the team has had many different regular rotation jerseys and some special edition ones. Start with the home one, I like the red font with the “HEAT” wording on the front with the flame at the end of the T. The black and red jerseys in the regular rotation are nice clean uniforms that have a nice combination of wording and color.

The “Home Strong” jerseys are something unique. The Heat debuted these last year and wore them for the month of November but this year they did something different. For each player, they put a patch of with the name of a different fallen hero from the Miami area on their jersey. I really like these and it shows a connection with the fanbase down in Miami.

The “White Tie” jerseys are something different and they look sharp with the all white outline and solid black sides. The “Legacy’ jersey debuted last year as an alternate to the current home uniform. I like the Miami outline with the number above the wording. Last you have the Latin Nights uniform, much similar to the alternate uniform, but instead with the El Heat font. Overall, the Heat have a nice variety of uniforms this season.

That concludes this list of uniform rankings. Check back soon as I start to crack the top 10 with teams ranked 10-6.


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