NBA Uniform Rankings: 10-6


Welcome back to my continued uniform rankings. If you are not familiar I have been ranking every teams uniform sets, not just the home and away ones, but alternate ones that the teams have been or will be wearing this current season. Here are the teams ranked 10-6.

10: Boston Celtics (five different sets)

(Photo by: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Away (green)
(Photo by: Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Alternate (green with black trim)
(Photo by: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
  • Pride (grey sleeved)

  • St. Patricks (green with gold trim)

Boston has traditionally kept with the same home and away uniform for the past couple of decades. Both uniforms are simple, yet has a strong legacy when you wear one. The alternate uniform with the black lettering debuted in 2005 and I actually like them more then the current road uniform. The team added a new grey uniform in 2014. I like the idea of having a different color with grey but the sleeves in this don’t look right. Some sleeved uniforms I don’t mind, but for Boston it does not look right.

9. Houston Rockets (six different sets)

(Photo by: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
  • Home (white)
(Photo by: Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)
  • Away (red)
(Photo by: Houston Chronicle)
  • Alternate (grey sleeved)
  • 2nd Alternate (black)
  • Pride (red sleeved “Clutch City”)

  • Chinese New Year (red)

I’ve always liked Houston’s uniforms. Red and White are simple colors that really work well together. In 2015, the Rockets unveiled three new alternate uniforms. The first one is grey, which its design references NASA’s Gemini-Titan rocket, last flying in 1966. The second alternate is in honor of the 1994 and 1995 NBA Championship teams. The third black uniform made it’s on court debut this season. The team also added a new Chinese New Year uniform last season with sleeves. This year they got rid of the sleeves and they honestly look a lot better. The home and away are classic, but the recent alternates they added make the Rockets uniform sets one of the best in the league.

8. Philadelphia 76ers (four different sets)

(Photo by: 76ers website)
  • Home (white)
  • Away (blue)
  • Alternate (red)
(Photo by: 76ers official website)
  • Hardwood Classic (blue)

Honestly, I have never been a fan of the 76ers uniforms but these new ones they came out with are sweet. The Sixers came out with these in 2015 and right away caught my attention. I like the stars down both the jersey and shorts for all three sets. I like the word marking “PHILA” on the front, bringing back the days of Wilt Chamberlain. The team also added a hardwood classic uniform, honoring the teams 50th anniversary of the Sixers 1966-67 championship team. My favorite part of these is the Liberty Bell logo on the shorts.

7. San Antonio Spurs (five different sets)

(Photo by: Spurs website)
  • Home (white)
  • Away (black)
  • Alternate (silver)
  • 2nd alternate (black with large logo)
(Photo by: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)
  • Military Pride (digital camouflage sleeved)

The Spurs uniforms are simple, yet work. The home white and black away are classic uniforms that look clean with the team name on the front and the black (home) and grey (away) stripe on the side make the jerseys nice. San Antonio in the past few seasons came out with a few alternate uniforms. The two alternates you see above with the giant secondary logo are the same except ones grey (2012) and black (2015). I like the creativity the team used in having the giant logo as the main point of the jersey with the number slightly above. In 2013, the Spurs used the same design but made it military camouflage. Originally, it was sleeveless but the sleeves were added the next season. I am not a big camouflage guy, but I actually think these are nice uniforms that show a connection and appreciation to the military.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder (five different sets)

(Photo by: Thunder website)
  • Home (white)
  • Away (blue)
  • Alternate (dark blue)
  • Pride (white sleeved)
  • Flex (sunset orange)

The Thunder uniforms are colorful, but they all blend nicely together. The home with with blue lettering mixes well together. I like the away uniform and it has the “Oklahoma City” lettering on two lines. The alternate uniform was introduced in 2012 using only navy blue and white. What makes this more unique is how “Thunder” is written on the sides. In 2015, the team released a first sleeved jersey that featured just the logo and number on the front. Even it with being the sleeves, this is a nice clean look that goes well on the court. Last season, the Thunder added another alternate jersey with a sunset orange color featuring “OKC” on the front. These were worn 18 times last season, including all 13 of its Sunday games. Overall, the Thunder has different varieties of uniforms that while are all different colors and styles, they still all go well together on and off the court.

Stay tuned as I will reveal my the last five in my uniform rankings.

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