NBA New Year’s Resolutions: Pacific Division


Golden State Warriors


I mean what could Golden State possibly do better in 2016 that they haven’t done already? 29-2 is a pretty good record if you ask me. I think for them it’s about not becoming complacent and staying motivated. It’s easy when you’re the defending champions and having the start that they are, to have games where you’re not focused and pretty much taking the night off. But those are the things that Golden State must stay away from so that they can keep striving to be the best team they can be and work on getting their 2nd ring in a row.

Reuters/Kirby Lee

Los Angeles Clippers

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a Clippers fan at all. I’m very biased towards this team. They remind me of one of the Temptation’s best songs. What the Clippers have done for the past few seasons is they’ve built you up, buttercup baby just to let you down. They’ve gained excitement and hype from fans and media outlets all across the nation just to get bounced again, again, and again.

Small Forwards
Depth chart via

But one thing I think they need to address this New Year is their small forward position.  The Clippers aren’t getting much production from this area and they desperately need it if they want to contest with the rest of the West. Los Angeles has been lucky to have JJ Redick and Jamaal Crawford step up as of late which has contributed to their four game winning streak, but with Blake Griffin out for two weeks, they are going to need more help to fill that void.


Sacramento Kings

DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE! The Sacramento Kings have no problem scoring the ball as their ranked 3rd in the league in points per game but the problem is that they can’t stop the opposing team from scoring. They are last in points allowed per game and the 5th worst team in defensive rating. Like I always say, defense isn’t about talent, it’s all about effort and the effort just isn’t there. There was a mindset that George Karl would turn things around for the Kings but with all the hoopla that this team has dealt with, they simply just lack focus.

That’s a grimace, not a smile. (USATSI)

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns took a terrible blow this week with news that Eric Bledsoe will miss the rest of the season due to a torn meniscus. With their leading scorer gone, the Suns will have to look elsewhere for point production and I’m just unsure who that will be. Brandon Knight will surely be the go-to guy but besides him, guys like Markieff Morris and TJ Warren may find themselves needing to be more aggressive. But even with guys stepping up to higher roles, this team just isn’t that good. As much as I hate to say it, their best bet is to tank the rest of the season and pray for a high lottery pick.

John Wilcox/Boston Herald

Los Angeles Lakers

All the Los Angeles Lakers need to do is ride this Kobe Bryant farewell wave. The Lakers legend announcing his retirement was the best thing to happen to Los Angeles because it has taken away from the bad play on the court. People aren’t really talking about how bad the team is playing; it’s all about Kobe’s amazing career coming to a halt. However, what the Lakers need to continue to do is let the young guys develop and form a bond on the court. With the young core of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, and D’Angelo Russell, these guys are the future and need to play as much as possible.


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