NBA Fantasy: Keep an eye out for Hassan Whiteside


With Dwyane Wade gone and Hassan Whiteside signing a huge contract, we knew that the reigns of Miami would be handed over to him. After a 14.2 point, 11.8 rebound, and 3.7 block season, the Miami center was well known across the league. Many teams were interested but the Heat wasted no time in giving Whiteside a big deal. However, it was unknown whether he could live up to they hype.

Well….. So far, so good in Miami. Hassan Whiteside has been nothing less than a beast through 3 games this season. Statistically, he’s exactly what the doctor ordered in terms of fantasy. He’s put up the points, rebounds, blocks, and efficiency that can lead to wins in fantasy match-ups.

Hassan Whiteside Stats
Hassan Whiteside’s stats through three games this season.

A guy that can score at an efficient rate and get a mass amount of rebounds is a huge plus for a fantasy team. Whether you’re preparing for a fantasy draft or are already involved in one, Hassan Whiteside is a guy that you want on your team. Don’t be scared to reach for him or even make some trades to get him to your squad. He’s going to be a guy that consistently produces this season simply because his team needs it. Miami doesn’t have much of a scoring option or another inside threat outside of Whiteside. Meaning that his production will be severely needed on a night to night basis for the Heat to have any chance of winning games. Ranked 13th on ESPN’s Fantasy Player Ranker and 2nd in the category of centers, Hassan Whiteside is a name that you want to keep an eye out for during this fantasy season.


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