Mark Cuban Dubs Derrick Rose’s Season, “The All-Time Comeback Season of Comeback Seasons”

Derrick Rose

Earlier today Derrick Rose confirmed that he would indeed play against the Dallas Mavericks this evening. Rose is coming off a right ankle sprain that has kept him out of the rotation for the past six games. He will return to his six-man role as Jeff Teague is also back from injury and will resume his starting duties in the interim head coach Ryan Saunders line up.

Rose stated that he would be listening to his body and try not to overextend himself in tonight’s game. Also, with the talent that is on the Timberwolves roster, Rose should not have to play outside of his game. Rose was asked if sticking around the 30-minute threshold would be probably better for him?

“Probably so, but Ryan and I talked about the minutes, and I think he understands where my body is, and we are both on the same page,” said Rose.

The Wolves are playing the first of back to back games, and Rose stated that he would like to take it day by day to see how he feels this evening and then address possibly playing tomorrow. If he can play he will play for sure, and if it were up to him, Rose would not want to me miss any games, but he has to be strategic with what is going on and listen to his body.

The NBA fans have turned out in droves during the NBA All-Star voting period thus far in favor of Rose is currently in second amongst guards only to Stephen Curry in the west with just under 2 million votes after the second returns were submitted. He is happy to see that he is still near the top but Rose hasn’t been paying too much attention, and if he doesn’t make this year’s team he would be spending All-Star weekend in Malibu.

Recently, Dallas Mavericks’ Owner Mark Cuban chimed in on the season Rose is having to date.

“He has been a machine. It is the all-time comeback season of comeback seasons except guys coming back straight up from injury. Shooting 45 or 44.7 percent or whatever it is ridiculous congrats to him,” Cuban told me.

The Mavericks’ currently leads the season series with the Timberwolves one game to none heading into tonight’s meeting at the Target Center. The final game will be in Dallas on April 3rd, 2019.



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