Kevin Huerter has officially arrived to the NBA

Kevin Huerter

Back at Maryland, Kevin Huerter was a stud. No, he didn’t get too much national recognition, but there’s some notoriety that comes with being one of the best players on one of the better teams in the Big Ten. That doesn’t come with being on a rebuilding team in Atlanta.

Let’s give credit to the Hawks where it’s due though. They’ve been playing well as of late and John Collins has been one of the top big men in the league without question. Trae Young is looking a lot better than he did earlier this year too. But, it was definitely about Kevin Huerter today.

Huerter finished with 29 points on 11/17 shooting from the floor and 5/8 from deep. The 11 field goals made and 29 points were easily a career high while the 5 threes were 1 away from his career high. Add the fact that he had a +15 plus/minus, the highest from anyone on either team, and it’s pretty easy to conclude that this was his coming out party to the league.

There were a lot of big plays he made in the game, but none bigger than this three to tie the game against Philly:

Following that, he got an assist to John Collins to put the game away for the Hawks, who are now 7-6 in their last 13 games.

It was an all around epic game for Kevin Huerter who has completely changed the way he has looked this season. Early on, it was clear how little confidence he had in himself and it lead to hesitating on a lot of shots. Now, we are seeing him take 17 shots in a game and putting up nearly 30.

This is only the beginning for Kevin Huerter. The Hawks have a good one.


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