LeBron understands the Sixers’ process

LeBron James and Jerami Grant

For the last couple of seasons, and now including the current season, numerous people have been questioning or supporting the process that the Philadelphia 76ers are going through. The latest person to comment on the process was none other than LeBron James before the Cavaliers’ game against the Sixers on Monday night.

LeBron finished that comment with this, via Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

These comments from LeBron are actually quite interesting. LeBron did have to be patient when he first came into the league as he was the only player to really write home about on the Cavaliers. He had to endure some very rough years to get to where he is now, and he even said that this Cavaliers team now was going to test his patience last season as they started with a 19-20 record. LeBron even had to stay patient with the Miami Heat as they didn’t bring home the championship in their first season.

LeBron’s decision to go to Miami is where things get interesting. He seemingly left Cleveland because he was done being patient and he wanted his championship as soon as possible. So he went to Miami and formed the super team that eventually led to four Finals trips and two championships.

So, he does know a lot about having to be patient, but he had a “breaking point.” Obviously if this Sixers rebuild takes too long the breaking point would result in the firing of Sam Hinkie, but like LeBron said, this is a process. A lot of mistakes take place when you go too fast and try to do things on the fly. This season is all about player development and seeing this Sixers team gel even more when the regular starters return to the court. Brett Brown still has his hands full, but he’s the right man for the job. Hold tight just a little longer Philly fans, big things seem to be on the horizon.

H/T: CBS Sports & Philadelphia Inquirer


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