Lakers Lair Ep. 6: More preseason action and regular season look-ahead


Welcome back to yet another evening inside of the Lakers Lair, your hosts for this podcast Randy King and BJ Boyer sat down yet again to discuss the purple in gold’s continued preseason schedule with games against the Los Angeles Clippers and the showdown with the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers would split these two games as they fell to the Clippers by a horrendous score of 103-87 but followed it up with a marvelous performance and a win against the Warriors as the Lakers took home a 123-113 victory.

As we all have circled on our calendars, next week marks the beginning of the regular season and for all of ‘Laker Nation’ the beginning of the LeBron James era for your Los Angeles Lakers. However, in the much anticipated preseason match-up versus the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night, James looks ready to get the regular season going as soon as possible.

That was enough to give the Las Vegas fans their money’s worth in the first half, but the King is a performer and he would send the crowd into a frenzy following this:

It was an exciting game that had a playoff buzz surrounding it given the context of excitement regarding the LeBron led Lakers and his bouts with the Warriors in the finals the past few seasons. King and Boyer gave their takes on what they liked from the preseason action. And yes, LeBron is included in both.

I was happy to see Lonzo back, he continues to prove that he is an elite defender. Very instictual. Brandon Ingram’s free-throw shooting and him flourishing at the free-throw line is the next step in becoming an elite and efficient scorer. LeBron agaisnt the Warriors looked like NBA Finals LeBron, he was so locked in, made the right reads, shot the ball well, rebounded. He was LeBron. I have thought we have done a better job at gang-rebounding and also how we have not given up on playing fast and are not straying away from what they are used to.” – BJ Boyer

LeBron was in MVP form in a pre-season game. He did it all pin-point passes in half-court sets, one was to KCP when he get behind the Warriors defense for a lay-up, and the other with the lob to Lozno.  I liked pushing the ball up the floor even on made baskets, the one lob to McGee where the ball only hit the floor once was my favorite possession becasue it proved how we are going to play. I liked Lonzo playing almost half the game, getting his body ready for the regular season and just getting back on the court is huge. KCP, his jumpshot was flowing and it’s going to be big for the Lakers who are going to be in a big need for shooting this season. – Randy King

Now, seeing as how the Lakers did not get much of an effort in the loss against the Staples Center roommates Los Angeles Clippers, it raised a lot of questions regarding this Lakers side in what they need to correct heading into the season next week. Boyer and King chimed in on what they expect to be tightened up before their season opener with the Portland Trail Blazers, Thursday the 18th.

I would say the three key points would be: rebounding, limiting turnovers, and making sure the rotations are right and that they are set as we head into the regular season. If we can cut down on the amount of turnovers, the better, we handed over 19 and against a team like the Warriors, it’s going to kill you. Getting outrebounded 56-45 and allowing 15 offensive rebounds agaisnt the Warriors isn’t necessarily a recipe for wins. We need to see Josh Hart on the floor for defensive purpses, I think that it could benefit Hart being on the court longer than 10 minutes. – Randy King

Getting Moe Wagner back, I think he is an interesting prospect and hopefully he is able to do some things and spell LeBron at center at some points. Luke Walton looking more confident and assured as a coach even through the ups and downs that this season is sure to bring. I really want to see how they react in close-game situations, we have not seen them in a tight game yet with their starters. Are they still going to look to run? Who is going to be second guy to step-up outside of LeBron? Will it be Kuzma or Ingram? – BJ Boyer

Some very solid points made and some questions asked regarding the Lakers and we will see if they can correct all the necessary aspects of their game to start off the season on the right foot.

Following that discussion was an analysis of the Portland game and the match-ups, and headlines that follow in that game. Obviously, there is a lot. The first official game with LeBron on the Lakers, what the Lakers starting rotation will look like, how will the minutes be split-up, will the Trail Blazers repeat the success they had last season, and are Lillard and McCollum a problem for this Lakers squad?

All that is answered in a segment in episode 6 of the Lakers Lair. So relax and welcome back for another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!


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