Golden State Warriors championship ring has Draymond Green influence


Golden State Warriors’ championship rings will take on a new design. Jason Arasheben, maker of the rings checked in with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Scoop B Radio to disuss. Press Play Below To Listen! 

The Golden State Warriors are the NBA’s world champions. On Tuesday October 16, they’ll be presented with their championship rings.

Last season, their championship rings set a historic feat by having more diamonds than any ring in championship history across all four major sports.

What could their 2018 rings possibly outdo last year’s record?

Apparently, the Golden State Warriors 2018 NBA Championship rings can morph per my report via 

Someone contact Zordon and Alpha at the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ command center, because Houston we have a problem!

Jason Arasheben, creator of the rings, says that he and his Los Angeles-based, Jason of Beverly Hills brand, wantedsomething new, fresh and different.’

He would know. Jason of Beverly Hills created the Warriors’ championship rings in 2015 and 2017. “The ring does something special where basically the design element of the ring can be changed depending upon the player or the wearer,” he told me on Scoop B Radio.

“And I think that’s something that hasn’t been done before. Usually, the ring just comes in one way and that’s it, but this ring has the ability to change in a multitude of ways depending upon the wearer.”

Jason of Beverly Hills has worked with any and everyone from the late Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Lil Jon, the Saudi Royal family and Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James.

With his latest project with the Warriors, Arasheben insists that this is a special ring. “I wasn’t going to go any bigger, anything bigger, you’d be wearing a plate on your hand,” he tells Scoop B Radio.

“I wanted to go with something tasteful, so we really had to be creative with the design. And when you see this ring, what it can do that no other ring in championship history has been able to do, was really difficult to do from a manufacturing standpoint. But what it can do is give this ring a ton of flexibility and it’s so intricate in it’s design.”  

Last summer, Jason of Beverly Hills consulted with Warriors management, as well as with Warriors All-Star, Draymond Green on the making of the team’s ring. ”Draymond Green voiced his opinion on more than one occasion and let me know what he wants in the ring and what he doesn’t want in the ring,” Arasheben told me last year on Scoop B Radio.

And this season?
“You know, Draymond was very opinionated,” he said.

“[He] wanted to have a ring to be a certain way but, [they] also wanted to break away from the past, so to speak. They wanted to have a ring that had its own identity, you know, didn’t really look like previous championship rings.”

Added Arasheben: “We definitely got a lot of the player’s inputs.”

Getting players all on the same page on a design during the off-season was the tricky part because many of them are back in their families, in their hometowns or on a sunny beach vacation.

Oh the power of the group text! “It’s hard to get the players all in one room,” said Arasheben.

“So most of this is going on via text. Everyone’s getting pictures, putting in their two cents and opinions about the designs. And then you hope at the end of everything, you’re going to get a ring that’s going to appeal not only to the players, but to the fans and management as well.”

Everyone’s input and output was different.

Last summer, for example, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, were less-hands on.

According to Arasheben the two said: “You know what? We trust you guys, we know that you are going to come out with something spectacular.”

A year later, Curry was more vocal, with one member of the Warriors becoming the silent partner.  

You guessed it: Klay Thompson.

Thompson, according to Arasheben was “just happy to have a ring at all.”

One thing that has been constant between the jeweler and the Warriors has been teamwork and cooperation. Perhaps, sharing the ball and taking big shots has translated via group text and conversations with their jeweler on the perfect design for their rings!

“One of the great things is that a lot of these guys are my clients and these guys are jewelry consumers themselves,” says Jason of Beverly Hills.

“Maybe this team isn’t as interested as others, but they certainly have an opinion and their own taste of what would look good. Definitely they look back at old rings and try to outdo what other teams have done, because they consider themselves to be a special team and they are. Three championships in four years? That’s a huge feat! So they would want ring to fit that.”

The Golden State Warriors’ journey and their ring reveal all goes down next week.

Stay tuned!




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