Lakers Lair Ep. 24: Enough of all this Kyle Kuzma trade talk


Often times when a player has ‘beef’ with another teammate, one of the two parties winds up on the trading block. In this particular instance, it was a player’s trainer making comments regarding a teammate. Welcome to ridiculous Los Angeles Lakers story-lines.

However, this story-line surprisingly caught headlines when Kyle Kuzma’s trainer, Clint Parks, made a comment that criticized LeBron James’ training method. Kuzma was smart and did not co-sign to these comments from Parks, but that would not stop the media from running straight to the presses.

In this episode of the Lakers Lair, host Randy King goes into detail on why the rumored trade talks centered around Kuzma need to be halted.

“Kyle Kuzma does not have to get traded because of something his trainer said, and he is a perfect fit (for) what the Lakers need right now.” – Randy King

The NBA trade deadline came and went with Kuzma still donning the purple and gold. The team remained stationary as well, making no moves as they will make their playoff push with the already existing members on the squad.

After the Kuzma talk was put to rest, King went on to discuss further Lakers related content including:

  • Preparing for the All-Star dunk contest with Dwight Howard
  • What the make-up of Team LeBron would look like
  • Why the hype about Alex Caruso is legit

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