Showtime Lakers are still under production, relax fans.

D'Angelo Russell guarded by J.J. Redick. Photo Credits: Ty Nowell/

The Los Angeles Lakers have been an early surprise for the NBA, as they have won more than expected and have shown great potential as a team.

It looked like the Lakers were poised for a playoff run this season until they were hit by a string of injuries and a tough schedule. They are still on track to have a great season as their culture have turned upside down ever since Byron Scott was fired from the coaching job. Sure it would be difficult to make the playoffs with their record right now, but the fact that they were geared for a potential playoff run in the first place is encouraging for a rebuilding team like this.

Their young guys have shown great promise as well. D’Angelo Russell has shown that he can be a star in this league. Jordan Clarkson has shown that he is a reliable scorer from anywhere on the floor. Julius Randle too has shown he can be an all-around player similar to Draymond Green. And Brandon Ingram is coming along nicely with his all-around game as well. Larry Nance Jr. was also a nice surprise for the Lakers as he has shown he can be an energy guy off the bench with his hustle and incredible athletic ability, just ask Brook Lopez and David West.

Brandon Ingram, LA’s most recent lottery pick has shown the star potential. Photo credits go to: GARY A. VASQUEZ-USA TODAY SPORTS

The Lakers veterans have also been great for the Lakers. Lou Williams has been doing what Lou Williams does, which is get buckets in any fashion. Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young has rejuvenated his career and has been a reliable scorer and wing defender for the Lakers. Luol Deng, who got off the slow start has picked it up as well.

And who could forget Luke Walton. One of the best young coaches in this league, Walton has helped change the culture of this legendary franchise. Ever since Dwight Howard left the Lakers, the Lakers became a laughing stock of the NBA. Luke Walton was able to mix the talent of the young core and the talent of the veterans and made a team that looked respectable again.

Sure the team as a whole have played inconsistent, but that is what happens with a young team like the Lakers. In one game they blow out the Golden State Warriors then in another they squander a big lead against the Miami Heat. They’re a young team, they haven’t had the experience to play as well as a team like the Spurs or Cavaliers.

If you’re a Lakers fan and haven’t been pleased with the team yet, let’s relax a little bit. They have been fine for a team as young as theirs. They may be inconsistent, they may need to improve on some areas, but do not forget that they haven’t been playing as long as teams like the Warriors and Cavaliers have.

Built overnight, Rome was not; the Lakers path to greatness, enjoy you must.

Featured Photo Credits go to: Ty Nowell/


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