Knicks Considering Blatt?


The New York Knicks have reportedly shown interest in former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt. Blatt, who appeared in one title series with Cleveland, was fired this season after a 30-11 start. The problem that arose was a “a lack of fit with their personnel and vision”.

ESPN also reports that Jackson, while still very much considering interim coach Kurt Rambis, will do a full coaching search.

Rambis remains a strong candidate for the job, but, according to league sources, Jackson plans to do his due diligence in the search and consider other candidates who are available.

One name that the Knicks are considering, according to league sources, is former Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt.

Jackson views Blatt favorably, according to sources. It’s also worth noting that Blatt played basketball with Knicks GM Steve Mills at Princeton.

Question is, will Jackson really shy away from the triangle offense? An offense that he brought certain players in for? I would say that he absolutely could. Yes, 3 pointers may not lack in the triangle offense, but today’s “model” game in the NBA has become a high volume, shooting and scoring offense set by the Golden State Warriors.

The Knicks are young and have a lot of talent rested in a rookie who is going to grow into something special. They have a chance for a solid draft pick this year. They have a quickly aging Carmelo, but still have a bright future nonetheless. Phil Jackson has big decisions to make this offseason. Rambis would be the safe pick. Someone like Blatt?

That’s high risk, high reward, but for a guy who has gone 83-40 in his time with the Cavaliers, who are in the same conference as the Knicks, I wouldn’t blame Jackson for doing that.


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