James Harden Breaks Single-Season Turnover Record


Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden broke the NBA’s single-season turnover record yesterday with two games remaining in 2016.

Harden committed 370 turnovers over 80 games. He broke Chicago Bulls center Artis Gilmore’s 366 turnover record set in 1978. 

Harden tied Gilmore in the Rockets 124-115 loss to the Phoenix Suns. He broke the record in last night’s 130-110 win over the Los Angeles Lakers with 10:41 remaining in the first quarter, per ESPN.com. His final two games are against the Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings.

Minnesota and Sacramento are bad match-ups to end 2016. In two games against Minnesota, Harden averages 7.5 turnovers per game, per ESPN.com. That is his highest total against any NBA team. Harden averages 6.3 turnovers per game in three games against the Sacramento, his fourth highest total against all NBA teams, per ESPN.com. His 4.6 turnovers per game is the highest of his career. 

Harden wanted the Rockets to add a playmaker last offseason. They added Ty Lawson and he isn’t on the team anymore. Also, they resigned Patrick Beverley and his numbers are those of a backup. These outcomes led to Harden never getting rid of the ball. With Dwight Howard likely opting out, they will have plenty of money to reshape the roster. He doesn’t need to ask the team for playmakers this offseason, it’s guaranteed. 

In a point guard driven league, Harden needs to play shooting guard. Harden is a scorer, not a facilitator. He can’t do it all by himself. 


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