VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar pays tribute to Kobe Bryant


Compton and Grammy-winning artist, Kendrick Lamar payed Kobe Bryant a tribute of his own. He released a video Monday night which included a montage of Bryant’s career through highlights as Kendrick explained what Kobe meant to himself and the city of Los Angeles. If you know anything about Lamar, then you know he’s a hard representer for Los Angeles and the city of Compton; as he tries to raise the spirits and hope for the community through his music. Growing up there, I’m sure Kobe Bryant meant a lot to him and others that followed his 20-year career. And throughout this season, we’ve seen that love and respect shown from other players and teams in the NBA through multiple tributes but this one might be the best one yet. The highlights of Bryant with the track “Untitled 7” from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Untitled Unmastered’ album in the background meshed very well and to have the biggest star in the city give you that honor, really means a lot.

Levitate. Levitate. Levitate. Levitate.

Although this may have been the best one yet, I’m sure it won’t top what the Los Angeles organization will do on Wednesday. Staples Center will be packed and all the stars will be in attendance, so make sure you have your eyes glued to the t.v. as Kobe Bryant plays his last professional game on Wednesday night.


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