Kevin Love Denies That He's Considering Signing In LA


According to Matt Moore of CBS Sports, Kevin Love has denied the reports of him considering signing with the Lakers in the offseason.


Kevin Love has been under a microscope for the past week. First, he had to write off people talking about his handshake with Kyrie Irving after a Cavs win, and now he has to answer questions about his future potentially being in Los Angeles. It’s not a surprise that there are rumors and reports swirling around him since he’s on the “super team” with LeBron in Cleveland, but it’s still pretty strange that people have him going from a team with title hopes to a team who has struggled night in and night out. He wrote off these claims while writing off what the media thought he was doing in his handshake,

“Whatever we were doing with our hands was about as true as me going to the Lakers,” Love said Friday. “Going to the Lakers, I don’t know where someone got that.”

Now, Love could decide to exercise his option and stay with Cleveland for another year or he could opt out and test the free agency waters. If he does decide to test free agency, there are many other teams that are more enticing than the Lakers. While it seems unlikely he would go to the Lakers, he still may want to return home and play in Los Angeles. Get ready for some more free agency drama folks!




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