Kobe Bryant played Friday's game against the Spurs with illness


iKobe Bryant played terribly against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night. 

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant scored 9 points, and finished 1-of-14 from the floor on Friday night, as the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs crushed the Lakers 93-80. Bryant’s off night can be attributed to what Los Angeles Daily News writer Mark Medina describes as a “probable viral infection.”

Bryant revealed post game that he was feeling “achy,” and spoke to reports lifelessly after the loss. 

It’s the first I faced this type of challenge in my career. Honestly I don’t know. I’l think about it and talk to the great team of therapists and figure it out.

Bryant, who also dished out 6 assists in the loss, hit his only field goal of the game with 10:59 left in the 4th quarter. Bryant’s 1-of-14 shooting is his most abysmal shooting performance since going 1-of-8 against the Phoenix Suns in February of 2013.

Bryant tried his hardest to combat the illness, but struggled to do so as the Lakers fell to 1-8 on the season. 

“Your body won’t respond and you’re sick and you used to be able to fight through these things,” Bryant said. “I tried to lean on my teamamtes and, at the same time, be agressive and take shots. They didn’t go in.”

Kobe Bryant is currently third in the NBA in scoring, but is shooting a pathetic 36% from the floor. The Lakers play Golden State on Sunday before embarking on a three game road trip that includes stops in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas.



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