Kevin Garnett Says He May Play After This Season


Kevin Garnett was asked about what his plans are after this season, and he stayed noncommittal. 


Kevin Garnett, who is set to make $12 million this season, was noncommittal with his answers about his final season at the Nets’ media day. Garnett went on to say:

I like to come in each year and assess it. I’ve always said the days when I’m not feeling basketball again, which is absurd, or when I don’t have the motivation to come in here, it’s time to move on. But that’s not the case. I’m very much motivated. I’m looking to have a better year than last year and I’m looking to enjoy this year.

Garnett said he has thought about retirement, especially after losing in the playoffs and coming up short of another title. Ultimately he did decide to come back and now he may even go beyond this coming season. He struggled last season, averaging career lows in every category and he had nagging injuries throughout the year. When asked about how he felt, Garnett said:

Right now, I feel great. Right now, without the bumps and bruises, I feel great. Give me about three days, I’ll tell you I’m feeling much different from right now. But I’ve been working out since June, since we stopped. Obviously, I take care of myself. I take care of my body. So we’ll see. Eighty-two-plus games beats you up a little bit, so we’ll see.

Based on what kind of role Kevin Garnett plays this year we may be able to see him after this season. One would have to wonder what will discourage Garnett from returning if this past season didn’t make him stay away. If he continues to be a shell of himself, things could turn ugly very quickly. However, he will be back on the court this year and he joins just three other players in the 20-season club.


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