John Wall wants to recruit Kevin Durant


The most popular rumor to Kevin Durant’s landing spot in free agency is back in the news. This time, instead of rumors coming from some unnamed “source,” John Wall got in on the conversation.

From an interview with CSN Mid-Atlantic:

There’s going to be an opportunity to where you have an opportunity to throw a pitch at him and to try to get him to come back home. But I know one thing of just knowing him, he’s really going to be very focused on taking care of the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, and I’m going to be focused on taking care of the Washington Wizards. But when the time is right and he can get away from all that, yeah, we’ll probably do have some conversation and throw your pitch.

My first thought about John Wall’s answer to this question was that he had a perfect response. Anyone that bothers a guy every day of the entire season leading up to his free agency will not get a nice response. Don’t push Durant and keep trying to make a pitch all the time. Most players, not just Kevin Durant, are going to be thinking about this coming season before they even worry about the offseason. Durant wants to bring a title to his team as soon as possible and he’s going to put forth all of his effort into doing that. He won’t have the time to listen to any pitches during the season, so it’s not even worth the time in trying.

Kevin Durant and John Wall
(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

The main question after listening to Wall’s response was what will his pitch sound like? Is Wall going to pitch Durant hard on the fact that this is hometown, or will he bring up the fact that the Wizards have a very good, young core of players that could fit well with a big-time scoring superstar like him? We’ll obviously have to wait and see when the next offseason rolls around, but it’s something to think about.

There’s going to be tons of competition in the race for Kevin Durant, but the Wizards are looking like a nice destination. Washington fans are going to be depending on John Wall’s pitch to give them one of the best signings possible in the NBA today.

H/T: CBS Sports


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