Ja Morant debuts upcoming Nike Adapt BB 2.0

Ja Morant

Not only has Memphis Grizzlies rookie sensation Ja Morant captivated the entire basketball world with jaw-dropping displays on an almost nightly basis, but he’s also turned heads in the sneaker community as well, rocking a respectable array of heat throughout his first year in the Association thus far.

Morant, who signed to Nike in May of 2019, debuted some new juice for the brand in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday, as he was seen sporting the Nike Adapt BB 2.0, the second iteration of innovative, self-lacing basketball sneaker that the Swoosh put out during last year’s NBA All-Star Weekend.

Ja Morant
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According to Benjamin Nethonkome, the designer of not only the Adapt BB 2.0 but the last three Kyrie’s as well, the 2.0 boasts three new major enhancements, which include a more responsive court feel, an upgraded ride, and ease of entry/exit.

With Nethonkome formatting the shoe, it should be no surprise that the Adapt BB has now added the Air Zoom Turbo technology to the forefoot, a noticeable addition to Kyrie’s line of sneakers that supplied the shoe with more bounce and cushioning.

Of course, the main here attraction remains the self-lacing power system, which can be adjusted through an app on the smartphone of the person wearing the kicks.

Stack all of this on top of an adjusted midsole and a stretchable ballistic mesh upper throughout, and you have an elegantly remastered version of the Adapt BB 1.0 that should draw major attention during this year’s All-Star Weekend in Chicago.

Keep an eye out for Las Vegas Aces forward A’ja Wilson, as she’ll be rocking the Adapt BB 2.0 at the start of this year’s WNBA season.

The shoes are currently slated for a Feb. 16 release to coincide with the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, and with the Adapt BB 1.0’s retailing for $350, it would be fair to assume that the price tag for the 2.0’s will hover around the same if not more. Some websites have suggested that the shoes will drop at increased figure of $400.

As for the look? I’m personally digging these. I’ve been a fiend for low-top basketball sneakers since the Kobe 4’s, and these remind me of a fusion of a pair of low-top Mamba’s and the KD 7’s. I can only imagine how comfy they’d feel on foot, and I’m already disgusted with myself thinking about the wasted time toying with the self-lacing mechanism.

Kudos to Nike for selecting Ja Morant to be the one to debut these beauties. Not only does it reaffirm the belief they have in him as a future star for the brand, but it can also be seen as a gesture of recognition for the killer rookie season Morant is having so far.

“I’m honored to be a part of the Nike family and be a face of the Adapt Shoe and have my own commercial,” Morant said at Grizzlies practice Tuesday. “We put it out earlier this morning. It’s just something special and something that I’ll never forget.”

Over the summer sneakerheads gushed over Morant’s Adapt 1.0 PE’s, so we’ll all continue to monitor his sneaker situation to see if the Rookie of the Year favorite remixes the Adapt 2.0 before the season is over.

He’s currently slated to participate in All-Star Weekend’s Rising Stars Challenge and with pivotal late-season matchups on the horizon as the Grizzlies try to sneak their way into the Western Conference playoffs, it only makes sense to thrust more of a spotlight on not only the rookie’s play but his sneakers as well. Let’s see how Ja Morant responds to the challenges.




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