Ja Morant NBA Draft Player Comparison

Ja Morant

Today, we have our 4th 2019 NBA Draft player comparison for you. You can scroll to the bottom to look at all of the ones we have already done.

As we continue to provide you with plenty of NBA Draft coverage leading up to June, today we look at Ja Morant’s NBA comparison.

[You can see Ja Morant’s Scouting Report by clicking here: Ja Morant Scouting Report]

This is one of the hardest one’s we had to come up with. The one we mostly agreed on was Dennis Schroder, but because he played overseas instead of going to college, we had to choose someone else.

The names Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, and even Allen Iverson were all floated around. But, the one we settled on was Steve Francis.

Trust us when we tell you that this is no perfect comparison. But, again, we want to focus on measurements, college stats, and ability at the college level as the main factors. And their close shooting percentages and similar measurements, coupled with their elite athleticism is what convinced us to pull the trigger on Francis.

Steve Francis was obviously never the distributor that Ja Morant currently is at Murray State and Ja doesn’t have the offensive creation package that Steve had. Morant will have a lot of work to do if he ever wants to get to that level. But, with that being said, a better distributing, but less dominant scoring Steve Francis is not a bad future potential comparison for Ja Morant.


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