Zion Williamson NBA Draft Player Comparison

Zion Williamson

Here at Basketball Society we’ll be keeping you updated with all things NBA Draft related leading up to the one in June this year. That includes scouting reports and now player prototypes.

[You can check out Zion’s scouting report here: Zion Williamson Scouting Report]

This is the first installment of the player prototypes and today we will be focusing on Zion Williamson. So, how these player prototypes work is that we’ll be looking at measurements first, and then their college stats and comparing one current Draft prospect to a former one. There is no perfect equation to figuring out someone’s perfect player comparison so this is just one unique way we are looking at it.

Here’s the one we have for Zion, Charles Barkley:


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So, as mentioned, we chose Charles Barkley for Zion’s comparison. Now, don’t get us wrong, they are very different players. We have never seen anyone with the skills that Zion possesses at his stature. But, there are two people that came extremely close to Zion that we could find. One was Charles Barkley and the other was Larry Johnson.

The main difference we found with Larry Johnson during his final year in college was that he shot a much better percentage from the line (81.8%) than Zion currently does (65.7%). Barkley simply had closer stats. Charles Barkley was that similar brooding type at Auburn and someone that no player wanted to step in front of.

Make sure to come check out more of these as we continue to push them out before June!


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