Luguentz Dort Scouting Report

Luguentz Dort
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

School: Arizona State

Year: Freshman

Height/Weight: 6’4, 215 lbs.



Luguentz Dort is a strong and interesting draft prospect that has the ability to play at the next level for several years. One of his biggest strengths is his broad and powerful frame, which he uses well on both sides of the ball. At 215 lbs. he is able to bully smaller defenders with his strength and is able to get into the lane with ease. He has the ability to finish tough contested shots at the rim through contact in a variety of ways including floaters, up-fakes, and sometimes even poster dunks.

He is also able to use his strength to hit the glass hard on both sides of the ball and come away with some tough rebounds. That’s something he can do better than pretty much any other guard prospect in this upcoming draft.

Dort also possesses excellent footwork and has quick feet for a bigger guard. As an off guard/wing player he has the versatility of strength and quickness to defend 1-4 positions at the next level. He is an extremely stout defender and uses his physical tools, along with his willingness to defend, to his advantage.

His quick feet come in handy when he is matched up against smaller and quicker guards and he is able to keep up with bigger wing players by using his strength. He has great defensive posture and always keeps his hands active by playing passing lanes and swiping at the ball if an opponent is dribbling by. If the player he is guarding pulls up their dribble anywhere on the court they are in trouble because Dort immediately applies heavy pressure by getting up in the player’s face, making it challenging for them to pass out of that pressure.

Another strength that he possesses is his intangibles, which include his intensity and basketball IQ. He is able to keep the same intensity every game for the full 40 minutes on both sides of the ball. His basketball IQ is above average and he really understands spacing on offense and when to make an intelligent cut.

This level of basketball IQ is also helpful for Dort because he is a solid passer, particularly in transition. He is able to identify where he needs to move the ball to set up his teammates for success and to avoid a turnover. He is also a good entry passer and is able to feed the post at an efficient rate.



One of Dort’s biggest weaknesses is his overall shooting ability, especially from behind the arc. Pair that with an inconsistent mid-range jump shot and a below average free throw shot for his position and we can confidently say he is not a premier shooter. This is worrisome because for a guard to play and be successful at the next level they need to have a consistent shooting ability.

Right now, Dort is more of a one-dimensional offensive player who is able to drive and get to the rim. However, if teams take this away from him he struggles to knock down jump shots consistently and has a hard time finding a way to score.

Another weakness in Dort’s game is that he relies heavily on his right hand. At times this is a problem because it limits his driving abilities. It also poses a problem when he is handling the ball because defenders can have the ability to cut off the right side and force him to go left, where he is uncomfortable. Once Dort is uncomfortable he is more likely to turn the ball over.

As mentioned above Dort has an excellent basketball IQ, however, it still needs some development because he turns the ball over frequently. He is a great passer and has an excellent motor but at times he plays a little bit out of control.

He needs to harness his energy and focus more on making better decisions with the ball in his hands. His aggressive play can also lead to foul trouble at times which is something that has hurt Arizona State and times and will definitely hurt his future success in the NBA. He needs to learn to be more under control.


Future Outlook:

Luguentz Dort is already an above average collegiate player in his freshman year at Arizona State. His combination of strength and speed at his position are unparalleled in the NCAA today.  He is such an intriguing prospect because he has the versatility to guard multiple positions, which will translate well to the next level. His intangibles, physical strength, quickness, and stifling defense should allow him to be considered a mid to late first round pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

However, in order for him to increase his stock he needs to work on his overall shooting ability, off hand, and learn to play more under control. Once he develops a more consistent shot it will open up his game and will lead to him being a solid two-way player. I believe that if he is able to work on the weaknesses mentioned above, he should be in the NBA for several years and should have a solid career.


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