RJ Barrett NBA Draft Player Comparison

RJ Barrett

Today, at Basketball Society, we have another player comparison for you for one of the top prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft. Today, we’ll be looking at RJ Barrett.

[You can view RJ Barrett’s scouting report by clicking here: RJ Barrett Scouting Report]

RJ Barrett is notoriously known as one of the premier college ball players and rightfully so. He can take you off the dribble, get to the line with his ability to draw fouls, and has shown an improvement on his catch and shoot ability from 3.

With that being said, let’s provide you with the comparison we came up with:


Yep, we are throwing it back to Michael Redd for this comparison. The first clear comparison was their ability to score, which RJ does better than most people in the nation. Also, it is their shooting percentages. Yes, Redd is a much better free throw shooter, but in Redd’s freshman and sophomore years, where he shot closer to 6 or 7 free throws a game, his FT% was closer to that of RJ’s.

A couple other players we had considered as comparisons for RJ were Andrew Wiggins and DeMar DeRozan. DeMar wasn’t the shooter coming out of college that RJ will be and Wiggins was much more athletic than Barrett.

Again, this comparison to Redd is definitely not a perfect one. Michael Redd was more of a shooter, while Barrett loves to get to the rack more and draw fouls. Still given the fact that their stats lined up quite closely and were roughly around the same stature, this seemed like the right pick.

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  1. No way. The right pick is Kobe. Same “problem”, in that their free throw percentages don’t really match up. But otherwise they match up much better. Excellent playmakers and athletes, explosive and slippery. Both tend to force the action rather than making the right play, with their percentages from all parts of the floor suffering as a result. Yet they are still good enough that, with the right supporting cast, they will win you plenty of games. Just don’t expect any assists at the end of the game.


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