DeAndre Hunter NBA Draft Player Comparison

DeAndre Hunterf
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Here at Basketball Society we’ll be keeping you updated with all things NBA Draft related leading up to the one in June this year. That includes scouting reports and now player prototypes. This is the 2nd one.

[You can check out DeAndre Hunter’s scouting report here: DeAndre Hunter Scouting Report]

Today, we will be looking at DeAndre Hunter’s prototype. Hunter is a terrific forward for Virginia who is extremely efficient offensively and extremely skilled defensively. Here is his 2019 NBA Draft Player Comparison:

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If you watch DeAndre Hunter play, you can easily see a little Kawhi Leonard in his game. Now, again, this is not a perfect comparison. Their ball handling skills are not on the same level at all. Kawhi is much, much better with the ball. But, given that their measurements align, their length is close, and are both terrific mid-range shooters and lock-down defenders, it was quite clear that Kawhi was the right pick.

Kawhi obviously had the larger role during his time at San Diego State and attempted almost 4 more shots per game than Hunter. We think that if DeAndre attempted close to the same amount of shots, and was asked to do more offensively, then those percentages would look a lot closer.

Kawhi Leonard and DeAndre Hunter both have similar defensive mechanics. We don’t think Hunter can become that skilled of a player offensively at the next level, but the comparison is still a unique one to look at.


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