DeAndre Hunter Scouting Report

DeAndre Hunter

School: Virginia

Year: Sophomore

Height/Weight: 6’7, 225 lbs.



DeAndre Hunter’s defensive prowess is what separates him from the rest of the pack. Most players have a polished offensive game, but a player that has Hunter’s defensive instinctive ability can’t be measured. He has the size to defend in the post and great versatility on the perimeter. With that two-way ability, Hunter has elevated himself into the top 10 pick conversation. He has great instincts to help on the weak side of the rim. He’s also a very smart shot blocker and does not commit fouls often.

His slashing ability keeps defenders on their toes, while also being an efficient shooter. Hunter has such long strides and can get to the cup with just 1 dribble from the top of the key.

His offensive game is not only about his slashing and ability to score though as he also rebounds the ball on the offensive glass at a high level as well. What Hunter does not possess in his playmaking ability he makes up for in his shooting. A little older in his class turning 21 this year, Hunter has the potential to become one of the best two way players in the league.



His ball-handling will need to improve as he continues to progress to the next level. He is a straight line driver and a catch-and-shoot guy. He has to become a better ball handler to be able to separate space to get off his smooth shot. He is not an elite athlete and that might slow down his adjustment to the tempo in the association as well.

Another fear I have about the Philadelphia native is that he will never become elite at one area in his game. He will always be above average in two areas, but might never exceed expectations. If he becomes a better playmaker and open up with his dribbling ability he has the talent to go from averaging 16 points to 24 points a night.


Future Outlook:

DeAndre Hunter will be a lottery pick by the end of the season. He has the defensive intangibles to become an elite defensive player, while possessing the shooting ability to become one of the best shooters respectfully on any team in the NBA in two years. We see a little Kawhi in him at times, but he’s still got some work to do to get close to that man’s level.


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