Hawks reportedly shopping Jeff Teague, Knicks potential trade partner

Jeff Teague
(Photo: Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports)

The Atlanta Hawks have been able to turn around what seemed to be a doomed mediocre franchise by working with their core players to build consistent, successful basketball over the past couple of seasons. It seemed to be beyond successful last season as the Hawks were able to produce a 60-plus win campaign with all five starting players being named NBA All-Stars. One of the All-Stars, Jeff Teague, seemed to be at the forefront of this new Hawks regime for years to come.

Now, things may be changing, as Teague’s name has been tossed around over the past 24 hours in trade talks.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

This comes off as a weird situation for the Hawks. Jeff Teague has been playing at an All-Star caliber level once again, but at the same time, the rise of Dennis Schroder has been something of significance. Schroder is not an elite offensive threat but he is a slightly better defender and a great facilitator when he is on the floor.

For the Knicks, it would be a great move on their part if they are able to obtain Teague. The combination of Calderon and Galloway has been a decent one, but nothing that really screams a threat at that position. Trading for Teague would add a dynamic that could be something very special with the other positions that around him. He would create even more space for players like Porzingis and Carmelo and be another needed layer of talent. 


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