VIDEO: Florida cop brings Shaq to play basketball against local kids


One of the best memories I have as a kid was playing basketball in the street with tons of friends. Those games can become as intense as a game in the NBA Finals, or they can be one of the funniest, mess-around games ever. Either way, that’s where a lot of kids first fell in love with the game. If you haven’t seen or heard of the story, one day kids were reported for a noise violation and a Florida police officer, Bobby White aka “The Basketball Cop,” stopped by and started to play basketball with them because he didn’t think anything was wrong:

Now, I just want to say, Officer White is an awesome person. He recognized that they weren’t making much noise and he joined in to make the day of these kids. Not only did he play basketball with them on that day, but he told them he’d bring his own “backup” next time to challenge their team. Well, his backup ended being four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal and what ensued can only bring a smile to your face as it did these kids:


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