DJ’s Three Point Take: Trade Deadline Disappointments



With this frenzy of the trade deadline that just passed, we witnessed a lot of moves, some good and some bad. As a fan it was exciting to watch but a handful to keep up with. As usual, whenever acquiring new players, it always takes a while for them to get acclimated but on the other hand, some players have immediate impact. Instead of looking at the teams that won in the trade deadline, I want to talk about the teams that made moves that didn’t sit well with me.


Phoenix Suns………Playoffs, who?

knight vs thomas
Brandon Knight vs. Isaiah Thomas stats…. via

I’m still trying to figure out what the Phoenix Suns motive was in the trade deadline.  Scott Brooks, Kevin Durant, and the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder organization should send Robert Sarver some Cubans and an expensive bottle of scotch for the moves he made. The Suns just traded themselves out of the eighth seed and out of playoff contention. Phoenix traded Goran Dragic to the Miami Heat which wasn’t surprising due to his desire to leave, but their other moves are what’s baffling. They also traded Isaiah Thomas to the Boston Celtics and acquired Brandon Knight along with getting rid of Miles Plumlee and Tyler Ennis. It seems that they gave up on Isaiah Thomas so early just to take another point guard who isn’t proven to be that much better. Although he wasn’t having the greatest season, the Suns gave up on one of their only big men in Plumlee which doesn’t help their consistent problem defending the paint. None of the moves they made helped them to make progress or advance in the West and with the Oklahoma City Thunder reaching for their coat tail, I believe it’s certain the Suns will not make the playoffs.

mcw daniels

Philadelphia Sixers: “I pick you, and you, and you….oh yeah you to!”

When it comes to the Philadelphia Sixers, all they care about is picks, picks, and more draft picks. The NBA’s previous Rookie of the Year, Michael Carter Williams, was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks; while the other young rookie from Clemson in K.J. McDaniels was traded to the Houston Rockets. JaVale McGee and Isaiah Canaan joined Philly as the Sixers GM filled his stash with more draft picks. Sam Hinkie could’ve gotten more for his buck during the trade deadline but obviously Sam had something else on his mind. It’s weird seeing a team put so much trust in the draft that has been proven to be hit or miss. If all of these picks turn into All-Stars that get the Sixers deep into the playoffs, then you can tell me I’m wrong; but that’s a big IF. However, if this team doesn’t contend in the next year or two, get ready for all Philadelphia fans to raise hell towards 76ers management.


New York Knicks/Los Angeles Lakers – Coming Up………. Short

Two prestigious organizations in the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks came up short in the royal rumble of trades. Not because we expected much from them, but because of the simple fact that they lost on the one asset that was committed to joining their teams. Goran Dragic was on record saying that he either wanted to play for New York, Los Angeles, or Miami before being traded to the Heat. He would’ve been a big pick up for either team at the point guard position that could’ve gelled well with what they had, but at the end of the day, they had no assets to trade for him. The only asset to the Lakers’ advantage is their draft picks but they aren’t willing to give them up. So it seems that these two franchises will have to look forward to the offseason to make moves to improve their teams.


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