Jason Kidd on Michael-Carter Williams: 'We want to help him get to Magic Johnson's level'



i-1Jason Kidd wants to help Michael-Carter Williams to get to the level of Magic Johnson. 

Recently acquired Milwaukee Bucks point guard Michael-Carter Williams has drawn comparisons to his new head coach Jason Kidd recently, as some of MCW’s and Kidd’s numbers through their first two years are eerily similar. Even Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson tweeted out that the Bucks acquired the next J-Kidd in Carter-Williams at the trade deadline:

So how did Kidd respond to these comparisons? He downplayed them, stating that Carter-Williams should not be compared to himself, but rather Johnson. Here’s what Kidd had to say to Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal:

“I think it was a great compliment,” Kidd said. “I wish he would have said he could be the next Magic Johnson, because then he would be a lot better player than just Jason Kidd.

“We all believe in Michael and see the potential. We all want to help to get him to Magic’s level.”

If the trajectory of Carter-Williams’ career is ever going to change dramatically, Milwaukee may be the perfect place for that to occur. Jason Kidd should do wonders for MCW’s career and this team may be duking it out with the Eastern Conference’s cream of the crop in the very near future.

The most important thing now is that Carter-Williams must remain healthy so that he can devote a full offseason to improving his jumpshot. Carter-Williams’ ability to tweak his jumper last offseason was hindered by rehab as he underwent shoulder surgery after the season. If Carter-Williams intends to have a career as lengthy as Kidd’s, a consistent J is needed. 

It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out for Michael Carter-Williams and the Bucks, but for now lets refrain from comparing him to all-time great point guards such as Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd until he earns his keep against the brilliant guards of today’s game. 



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